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Summer fun

Summer fun

Another year has past!! Wow. Just a quick shot from our summer vacation in Clearwater.

Posted by: justqltin | July 18, 2011

What’s New??

I don’t keep this up like I used to.  Facebook has taken over.    And really… I think I have anything so clever to say that people are flocking to my blog?  NOT!!  LOL

My weekend was spent sewing.  I haven’t had a good sewfest in awhile!  Made Anna 4 dresses and 3 pair of shorts for under them. 

I don’t have a pic of the last one.  I finished it late Sunday.  As you can see she keeps on growing.  I had to trace off a new size…..

Also new since I was on here last…..INDY!  We bought him home for Anna a year ago now.  Her first puppy.  I was told he’s a Shih-tzu but we think he’s a Pekanese/Shi-tzu cross.

The day after his summer haircut

Let’s see what else…..We go to the family runion this weekend so here is a pic of Anna enjoying the beach Last summer with her cousins


Anna, Dillon and Ry building a sand castle. Chubby mama in the background....


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My Everyday Princess…

sckl 002 sckl 001 So I got this new book.  Usually I stick to my Ottobre mags for sewing children’s clothes but so many people were talking about “Sewing Clothes Kids Love” that I had to go peek.  It’s a beautiful book – if a bit overwhelming!  It does live up to it’s name tho.  Anna LOVES this skirt and top.  It’s hard to get her to take them off.

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The dollies are taking over….

and I love it!!  but e’-bay is a dangerous thing…I just keep finding more!!  These pics do not include Kit who arrived yesterday….

They are less trouble than a puppy tho…

getting there 001 I am working on sewing them holiday dresses..Only the Plaid dress in front and the two print skirts are mine so far….

Shhh, they are sleeping Anna Put them all to sleep on the stairs the other day.

Posted by: justqltin | December 5, 2009

My New Obsession.

I need to get more disciplined with the blogging! I keep saying that and I keep falling short. Lately I’m sewing for dolls a lot. I’m gonna try to keep us with some pix and post of them and Anna.

A pirate costume I made for an American Girl dolly swap.

Posted by: justqltin | June 4, 2009

Over the Rainbow bridge romps my Beloved Sophie

sophie2 20

Your pain is now mine my sweet Sophie.  I will take comfort in knowing you are now at peace…Tomorrow, I’ll take comfort.  Today I will cry…

Posted by: justqltin | February 8, 2009

How can you be two?

Today was the day my “baby” became a “toddler” officially. We celebrated with cupcakes and Dora the Explorer toys! Plus a picnic table from Nanny & Grandaddy to bring to the lake!Birthday Cupcakes Everyone gathered to celebrate My new summertime picnic table for the Lake " I LOVE Dora "

Posted by: justqltin | February 4, 2009

Over superbowl weekend Goodyear hosts a conference for all the dealers…this year was in the DC area (Maryland on the Potomac River) So we got a little time to see the sights in spite of the weather and Leanna attended her first dress up dinner party!

On the DC Lights bus tourgetting all dressed up dinner-out with my daddy....

Posted by: justqltin | January 17, 2009

Has it been 2 mos….

Maybe I have ADD…..lately I lose track of time so fast.  Ry got me into facebook around his birthday so I’ve kept up more on there.  It’s less time intensive….like waving to people as you walk down the halls in school….or work….but I promised myself I’d maintain this blog since I’m no good at journaling in an actual book.  I have 4 – one for each child that I bought when I was pregnant with Leanna -and they barely have 1 page in them in 2 years

Christmas has come and gone Leanna had a great day…This was her main present from us and she wouldn’t even look another one for over an hour.   Her second birthday is coming up fast!

Christmas 08 002

Christmas 08 003

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Trying to keep up.

Me and Leanna at Dollywood's Smoky Mountain Christmas

Me and Leanna at Dollywood's Smoky Mountain Christmas

I haven’t been around much lately….but we’ve been busy

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